About Me

I live with my husband in a 300-year-old Quaker farmhouse in Princeton, New Jersey just down the street from the old Stony Brook Meeting House. Having earned a professional chef's certification I ran a cooking school called, Ezekiel's Table, out of our house for some time. Alas, due to zoning restrictions (the State of New Jersey did not know what to make of a home cooking school such as mine) I was forced to close my doors. After some discussion with my legislator, we were successful in having the food laws re-interpreted, allowing home cooking schools to operate in home kitchens.  The Township is currently in the process of evaluating my application to re-open. While we wait in hopeful expectation, we entertain ourselves by inviting good friends to come and cook with us in our home. Our kitchen is a large and practical workspace, a place where one is not shy to make a mess.